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Whilst many of us may already be thinking of summer holidays, Israel is in for a challenging summer.  This is not the time to step down from our watch and leave Israel alone, but rather to remain vigilant in prayer, education and advocacy. Please will you help enable us to stand strong at Israel’s side throughout these critical summer months by making a generous donation today?

Join us for pro-Israel demonstration in Geneva!

United Nations Geneva

To all those who hold dear the values of human rights and democracy, we call you to join us on Monday, June 29th between the hours of 12.00 and 15.00 in Geneva at the Place des Nations. In the light of the current wave of unrelenting attacks against Israel´s legitimacy, we have joined with a number of Jewish organisations to hold a rally in support of Israel. You can find more information here.

70 years marks a new season in Israel and the nations

Emblem of IsraelIn celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War last month in Jerusalem, we also marked the beginning of a new season.  This is no longer a time just to look back at what happened more than 70 years ago, but rather to stand beside the Jewish people today as they face increased anti-Semitism in the nations and as the diplomatic war against Israel grows stronger.

One sign of this new season was the installation of a new Israeli Government on May 14th. The new government is not exactly what Europe and the international community had hoped for but it was democratically elected by the citizens of Israel and their choice needs to be respected by the international community and fully supported by its friends.

The first test for the new government may come as soon as June 30th when the deadline for nuclear talks with Iran is set to expire and an agreement has to be reached. The Iranian Government has made it perfectly clear that its goal is to wipe Israel off the map - and this is non-negotiable!

For the moment, it seems as if Europe is ready to lift its sanctions against Iran while at the same time imposing new sanctions against Israel in the form of the labelling of goods produced in the disputed territories.

In the next few months, Israel will face another major challenge as the governments of France and New Zealand plan to present a new resolution to the UN Security Council on creating a Palestinian state.
The plan seems to have an overwhelming majority in the Security Council and US PresidentBarack Obama has already indicated that a US veto is by no means guaranteed.

ECI presented its main talking points against a unilateral Palestinian state back in 2011 in thevideo ”Give Peace a Chance”. This would be a good time to watch the 12 minute video again and to pass it on to others who need to hear the message.

First ever ECI conference in Jerusalem mobilises nations to stand with Israel


Jerusalem – Having met in Brussels every Spring for twelve consecutive years to pray for Israel and the nations, ECI friends and activists from all five continents met in Jerusalem from May 10th-13th for the first- ever ECI conference in Israel. The conference, organised in cooperation with Christians for Israel International and Operation Exodus, was the final event of the ”Global Prayer Call” which had begun with a conference in Krakow in January.  This was in connection with the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau and came to a conclusion 100 days later with the 70th Anniversary of the end of WW2.

The conference coincided with the Israeli Government-sponsored Global Forum for the Combatting of Anti-Semitism.  This was attended by ECI staff who met with friends and colleagues from around the world, among them the Canadian Minister for Multiculturalism,Tim Uppal, who spoke at the Concert of Commemoration on January 27th. The mood at both conferences was sombre. The rise of anti-Semitism does not seem to stop and is being undergirded by a growing hatred for Israel and the Jewish people through neo-Nazism, radical Islam and the BDS movement - (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions). Whereas old anti-Semitism by right-wing extremists is widely condemned in Europe, the governing elite find it more difficult to criticise the widespread Muslim anti-Semitism and is often blind to left-wing anti-Semitism which disguises itself in the name of human rights and calls for boycott and divestment.

But the 400 participants at the Global Prayer Conference expressed commitment to stand with Israel and the Jewish people, armed with facts and figures that they learnt during the 3-day conference. The work of ECI was presented by Perrine Dufoix, Andrew Tucker,Gregory Lafitte and Tomas Sandell. The initiator of the Global Prayer Call was ECI Chairman Harald Eckert. Among the other speakers were Willem Glashouwer, Peter Stucken, Antti Hämäläinen, Rick Ridings and Henrik Wieja.

First ECI geo-political study tour in Israel
- Raising a new generation of advocates for Israel


Jerusalem – From May 13th-18th, ECI organised its first geo-political visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories. Thirty five participants from UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, and the US took part in this unique 5-day programme.  About half the participants were young adults. The primary goals of the programme were:

- to gain better understanding of Israel as a Jewish and a democratic state, the current challenges to its legitimacy and security, and the Israel/Arab conflict

- to equip the participants to be more effective advocates for Israel, the Jewish people (and the Arab Palestinians) in the political and public spheres in the nations

The tour, which included eighteen visits and high level meetings was led by Andrew Tuckerand Perrine Dufoix.

ECI meets with EU-leaders in Brussels and Jerusalem
- ECI invited to closer partnership with the EU to help balance EU policy vis-a-vis Israel

RiinaTomas Perrine 2015

Brussels / Jerusalem – As the EU prepares for a more active role in any future Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, ECI has met with senior EU and Israeli Government officials in Brussels and Jerusalem to discuss the current situation.

In Brussels, Perrine Dufoix and Tomas Sandell were received by the new Foreign Policy Chief of the office of the Presidency of the European Council, Mrs Riina Kionka. In this introductory meeting, the ECI delegation presented the ECI open letter (co signed by European Jewish Congress, Pentecostal European Fellowship and One Free World International) which calls for immediate EU action to stop the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East and for the EU to take action against the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe. Sandell and Dufoix explained the background to the open letter which was first presented in the European Parliament in November in connection with the ECI Annual Policy Conference.
Kionka took a sincere interest in the work of ECI and reminded us that the new EU President, Donald Tusk, is known to be a solid friend of Israel.

Two weeks later, Gregory Lafitte and Tomas Sandell met with senior officials from the Israeli Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem to discuss the current challenges facing Israel in the international arena. The list is long as the diplomatic war against Israel gathers steam at the UN, the EU and other international organisations.

TomasLars Faaborg Andersen 2015

In a separate meeting in Jerusalem, Tomas Sandell met with the EU Ambassador to Israel, Lars Faaborg-Andersen, who expressed his interest in engaging more with pro-Israel organisations.
’Why is it that all European NGOs that make contact with the European Commission are critical of Israel?’, he asked.

During the discussion, Sandell raised the issue of the EU’s funding of anti-Israeli NGOs who are then commissioned to write their own biased reports on the situation in Israel which are then quoted by the same Commission officials as expert statements.
’This is a vicious circle of lies that needs to be stopped’, he said. Acknowledging that the EU is not always seen as an even-handed peace broker in the Middle East, Ambassador Faaborg-Anderssen reiterated his invitation to closer cooperation with ECI.

ECI has accepted the invitation. As the European institutions in Brussels are targeted by anti-Israel church organisations, trade unions and academia, it is important that a strong European pro-Israel voice is heard. Whilst there are many excellent Jewish pro-Israel organisations active in Europe, we feel a special responsibility to speak up as we are the only Christian pro-Israel voice accredited to the EU.

ECI invited to re-dedication of Bible College of Wales
Honouring Rees Howells – friend of Israel, intercessor and history maker

WalesBible college2

Swansea – Over the years, ECI has helped to raise awareness of the rich history of Christian Zionism by writing about men such as the founder of the Red Cross, Henri Dunant. Last month we mentioned the German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who stood up toHitler during the Second World War by paying the ultimate price - his own life. Dunant and Bonhoeffer are not the only Christian leaders to have left us with a rich legacy of what it means to be a friend of the Jewish people in difficult times. Another less well-known person who has stood by Israel in decisive and critical times in history is Rees Howells (1879-1950) from Wales.

On Whit Monday, Tomas Sandell was invited to attend the re-dedication of the Bible College of Wales, which Rees Howells founded in 1924. The bible school, which was in danger of being demolished and sold to property developers, has instead been purchased and renovated to its former glory by the Cornerstone Church of Singapore and will be re-opened this Autumn as a bible school and heritage museum.

GroupWales 2015

It was a great honour for ECI to be able to pay tribute to the work and legacy of Rees Howells by attending the re-dedication service. Rees Howells chose to stand by the Jewish people before, during and after the Second World War. Reverend Rees Howells and his friends were able to discern the deadly threat presented by Hitler at a time when most Christians paid little or no attention to what was happening in Nazi Germany. The Bible school prayed daily for the defeat of Hitler, the protection of the Jewish people and, after the war, the creation of the Jewish state. Prayer was combined with action. The small Bible school bought a large property to host Jewish children who had been sent away from Germany as refugees.

As the UN General Assembly voted in 1947 on the UN Partition Plan, the friends in Wales were on their knees praying. Not everyone may understand or believe in the power of prayer in changing world history, but the ministry of Rees Howells and his friends was recognised by the British Government at the time.

The Welsh Revival (1904-1905) was also instrumental in the creation of the Jewish state  in another way. As revival swept through the nation of Wales, understanding Israel was a crucial part of the revival message. Representing Britain at the San Remo Conference in 1920 was Prime Minister David Lloyd George, who was greatly influenced by the Bible teaching of his native Wales. During the peace negotiations following World War I, a memorandum was handed by Lloyd George to the French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau stating that British Palestine would be defined in accordance with its ancient boundaries - from Dan to Bershe’eva. Lloyd George had been informed of these ancient borders by his Christian Bible teachers.

Rees Howells (and the Welsh Revival) represent a great legacy in Christian history in that they not only emphasised a theoretical understanding of Israel, but involved an engagement in prayer and concrete action at a time when most other Christians were asleep.

ECI is grateful to our friends at the Cornerstone Chuch in Singapore and Senior Pastor Yang Tuck Joong for preserving this important legacy of Rees Howells.

If you would like to support the work of The European Coalition for Israel, please click the "Donate" button below and you will find payment details, both for paying online and for bank transfers.

Editor Tomas Sandell tomas.sandell@pp.inet.fi

Copyright © European Coalition for Israel

JLM Western wall2

Jerusalem, May 20th, 2015 – As world leaders celebrated Victory Day in different parts of the world earlier this month, the leadership of the European Coalition for Israel travelled to Israel to celebrate the capitulation of the Nazis and the subsequent creation of the modern State of Israel in its capital Jerusalem. The following is a statement from the three-day conference:

”The Holocaust did not create, nor legitimise, the modern State of Israel, but made it perfectly clear that the Jewish people needed a place they could call home. As we once again face a rise in anti-Semitism in Europe, the Jewish people now have a safe haven in Israel. For this reason, world leaders should do their utmost to protect, strengthen and support the only Jewish state in the world.

The failure of the world community at the time to live up to its commitments under the San Remo Resolution of 1920 - to create a national home for the Jewish people in Israel - led to a catastrophe for the Jewish people as the British closed the door to Palestine and other nations turned them away while the Nazis hunted them down. As we celebrate the victory over Nazism, we cannot forget that the victorious nations also bear their share of guilt. It would be wrong to believe that only the Nazis wanted the Jews dead: many citizens of the occupied nations aided the Nazis and countries that could have helped the Jews find a safe haven refused to do so.

Victory Day is therefore a day for soul searching and repentance as we re-commit to the safety and security of the Jewish people as they once again face deadly enemies on the streets of Europe and in Tehran.

There can be no VE Day as long as Jews are not safe on the streets of Europe and continue to face an existential threat of nuclear annihilation from Iran. The burning issue is not what happened 70 years ago, but rather how history will judge us if we fail to take action today.

In the midst of all this, Israel stands tall as a symbol of perseverance and hope. Israel is not perfect, as is the case with other Western democracies. However it is a light to the nations, not only in the Middle East, where it continues to be the only parliamentary democracy of its kind, but also to crisis zones around the world. Israeli teams reach out faster than any other nation, as was the case in Nepal recently and in the Ebola-stricken countries of West Africa.

As Europeans, we know that our societies have been shaped by Jewish thinking for centuries and are built on Judeo-Christian values. As we celebrate the victory over National Socialism and the liberation of the Nazi death camps, it is fitting to do so in the cradle of our civilisation, Jerusalem, which stands out as the most visible sign of victory over the death angels of the Holocaust. Am Israel Chai! Long live Israel!”

Footnote: The conference took place in Jerusalem from May 10th to 12th, and was followed by an educational study tour for ECI activists. The conference also marked the conclusion of a 100 day awareness-raising campaign which was launched in Auschwitz, Poland on January 27th - the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. The conference was co-organised by European Coalition for Israel, Christians for Israel International and Ebenezer Emergency Fund and was attended by over 300 participants from all five continents.

European Coalition for Israel

Jerusalem Day

Jerusalem Day, or Yom Yerushalayim in Hebrew, is coming up this Saturday evening, May 16, through Wednesday, May 28.

Jerusalem Day is a national Israeli holiday commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem and the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City in June 1967. It was declared by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel as a minor religious holiday, to thank God for the miraculous victory of the Six Day War and for answering the 2,000-year-old prayer of “Next Year in Jerusalem.”

The day is celebrated with ceremonies, memorial services for soldiers who died in the battle for Jerusalem, parades through downtown Jerusalem and the reciting of special prayers of thanks to God in the synagogues. There are also lectures on Jerusalem-related topics, singing and dancing; schoolchildren throughout the country learning about the significance of Jerusalem hold festive assemblies. The day is also marked in Jewish schools around the world focusing on the miracle of the 1967 War and the holiness of Jerusalem.


Immediately after Israel declared its independence in 1948, the neighboring Arab countries attacked, resulting in the Arab-Israeli War. The city of Jerusalem was divided. Israeli forces controlled most of the city, however, east Jerusalem, including the Old City, fell in Jordanian hands.

The Old City was important for strategic and religious reasons, and many sites of religious importance are in this part of the city.

On June 7, 1967, one day into the Six-Day War, Israeli forces captured the Old City of Jerusalem, which resulted in the reunification of Jerusalem as part of Israel.

On May 12, 1968, the government proclaimed a new holiday—Jerusalem Day—to be celebrated on the 28th of Iyar, the Hebrew date on which the divided city of Jerusalem was reunited. On March 23, 1998, the Knesset passed the Jerusalem Day Law, making the day a national holiday.

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United with Israel


Taking the lessons of the Holocaust to break the Silence of Fear, Pain, and Shame caused by Prejudice, and Indifference.

March of Remembrance
Making a Difference - Why We Stand!
To Honor, Educate, Remember & Engage 


A few months ago, my son and I were privileged to attend an award ceremony in Jerusalem at the Israeli Knesset in recognition of the work done by the March of Remembrance (MoR).  Later that evening, the MoR Knesset Tour group of 85 people were invited to meet with almost a hundred Holocaust Survivors for dinner and music in Netanya, Israel. 

It was incredible to be surrounded by so many who had suffered the atrocities inflicted by the Nazi ideology and an even greater blessing to be able to sit and get to know them personally.  Little did I know that the Lord was about to show me the reality and lasting pain that still haunted this people.

As my son and I sat there, we started trying to converse with a gentlemen who appeared to be in his mid 80's, He asked if we spoke Russian or Yiddish, to which my son replied that he speaks German (Yiddish is German & Hebrew dialect). For the next several minutes they carried on, sharing and chatting away when the man asked him why he was so fluent in German; to which Samuel replied "meine Mutti ist aus Österreich" ("my mother is from Austria").  Suddenly it was as if a veil were pulled over his eyes, he looked slightly down and then straight ahead, appearing to be lost in thought.... the conversation and interaction was over. 

I can only imagine what happened at that moment - was he back in Mauthausen, was he remembering an Austrian guard that murdered his family, was he once again walking the path of a death march... All I knew is that the openness that had been there just a moment ago was now gone, closed off.

A little while later, the host asked all of the Holocaust Survivors to raise their hands so we could honor them, and our new friends were greeted by a thunderous applause from all of us.  When they were seated, the host asked everyone who had come to Honor them, to stand with Israel and bless the Jewish people. When we stood, the gentlemen looked up at Samuel and me, and I could see the veil fall from his eyes, once again there was recognition and the door was open to start talking again.  Samuel and the gentlemen were able to speak for a few more minutes that evening - but the lessons we learned that evening will last a life time! 

When we stand with our brothers and seek their blessing, healing takes place, relationships are restored and the Lord is glorified.

Why Should We Remember?
Why Should We Remember?

The March of Remembrance's purpose is not about dwelling on the past, nor is it about delving into the sins of our fathers.  The March of Remembrance (MoR) is about taking the lessons of our past failures and using them to bring life and healing to the present and hope and vision for a future filled with great expectations for us and our children.





Saturday, April 18 or
Sunday, April 19th 2015.
The March of Remembrance
Terezin Concentration Camp, Czech


Hag Pesach Sameach (Yad Hashmona)

Yad Hashmona, April 2015 Update
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Celebrating the feast of Purim,  2015
Dear Friends,
Two weeks ago we voted for the 20th Israeli Knesset. It was one of the more intense elections, where the buzz in the air dealt with major core issues of security, world pressure over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Israeli economy, the very high prices of housing, and the deep crisis between religious and secular factions in Israeli society.
We did not need to follow the media much in order to feel its clear favoritism toward the left wing "Zionist Union" party. In the days before the elections many ads and signs called the citizens to vote, to place an opinion, and... to replace the prime minister of Israel. "He must go!" was the repeated call toward Netanyahu everywhere you looked.
Judging by the media, it seemed we were heading toward a change, or at least a match, between the left and right parties. But The Israeli elections took a dramatic turn in the early morning of Wednesday, and Netanyahu was voted in again, Prime minister of Israel for the third time.
It felt as though the international pressure to take steps toward a peace agreement created an opposite response among Israelis who feel they are standing alone in the "Muslim arena". They believe more than before, that this "peace process" is a lie, one that will weaken Israel's ability to defend its borders.
Believers in the country prayed for this election fervently. We all felt it is important, and one that can lead to a 180 degree change in the direction Israel is taking. No matter who each of us voted for, I felt very clearly that Netanyahu's election was an answer to prayer. As hard as it is for us as believers to see the growing power of the religious parties, I believe God will be with us through it all.

Drum building with the kids
Eden, Tsuriel, and Isaiah at the baptism
Spring is here and much action is felt everywhere I look. Our building project is advancing, though not without difficulties: worker's permits, mistakes and tension between contractors... you name it. A building site is not an easy project to manage, at least not in Israel.
The builders themselves come from Hebron and east Jerusalem, and we can feel the tension in their eyes daily. We pray that the slowdown in pace we have seen in the past month, will catch up quickly so that we will not run into delays. I pray daily that the families will be able to move in at the end of this year.
Soon we will celebrate Pesach (Passover). Before the Passover night, much activity is planned: Our youth will participate at a camp in the south; A children's camp will take place at Yad Hashmona with many participants, held and managed entirely BY OUR YOUTH; and Israeli secular groups are coming to visit the Biblical garden for a guided tour. We are expecting the births of new babies at the Moshav. Also a building project has started, to complete the kids playing zone and add some facilities, and the last one – lights! We lack public lighting on the roads and walkways of Yad Hashmona so finally we are installing some road lights!
We are so thankful to God that our daughter Eden (15) was baptized, together with Isaiah one of our Youth group boys, at the Biblical garden's "Mikveh" (which is an ancient ritual bath). They both shared their heart with the audience and their desire to follow Yeshua wherever He will lead them. There were young non believers from their secular school who came to the baptism to hear and see! It was a wonderful time of testimony and joy. You can see Tsuriel (our Pastor's) t-shirt, making the message very clear...
Home for Bible Translators Student
Anja, full of life, as we remember her
The home for Bible translators in Yad Hashmona is celebrating 20 years of existence. It is a program held here at the Moshav, allowing Bible translators from remote corners of the world to come stay among believers and have a "home" as they study at Hebrew University in Jerusalem to translate directly from the Hebraic text. In the 20 years of programs, 60 languages have come and gone through the home. We pray for many more years of fruitful work, and are happy to host this amazing ministry here.
One last story to tell you, one I hold very dear to my heart: One of the founders of Yad Hashmona passed away 2 months ago. Her name was Anja Suomela. She was 83 years old, a Finnish Christian who came to Israel with the first group of Finnish volunteers to found a "Believer's Kibbutz". She was amazing: A strong believer, full of perseverance in hard times, with a clear vision of God's work. It is through her faith and the strong faith of the other founders that we have now a home at this special location Yad Hashmona, one we would never have had without them.
Despite her small physical size and the often hard reaction of people because of this, Anja did not stop activating all her gifts, all her talents, and her sense of adventure. For years she worked in this place, and as a tour guide, coping daily with her physical hardships but always overcoming. A few months before she died I came to visit her. Together with several children from Yad Hashmona we sang a song for her at her bedside. With tears in her eyes she said "there is a new generation of young believers who will continue our work in Israel. It was all worth it, all worth it".
Anja was a GREAT woman of faith and a testimony for our lives as we continue the call.
I want to thank you so much for standing with us,
and to wish you a Blessed and a joyous Passover!

Ayelet Ronen
for Keren Yad Hashmona

Prayer points:

* We need to continue to pray for wisdom for the Israeli leaders. Although we know many of them do not follow God's call, they ARE instruments in God's sovereign hand and I truly believe prayer makes a difference in Israel.
* Safety and provision for our families here, especially for those of our youth currently serving in the Israeli Defense Forces
* Speedy, yet accurate, completion of our building project, and open doors for future projects! We pray for funds for the Community center we need so much

Thank you for your prayers, they are greatly appreciated.
If you would like to donate financially to the ongoing work at Yad Hashmona, and be a part of the future efforts of this village, please email us at yad8info@gmail.com.  You can also go towww.yad8.com under "Donate" for Paypal donation and bank transfer info.
Thank you for helping us make a difference in Israel.

Copyright © 2015 Keren Yad Hashmona, All rights reserved.
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Our mailing address is:
Keren Yad Hashmona
Moshav Yad Hashmona
D.N. Harei-Yehuda
90895, ISRAEL

Przygotowanie do święta Pesach

Mamy przed sobą tydzień pracy duchowej, abyśmy mogli godnie przywitać święto Pesach – radujmy się!
Oczyszczenie domu od zakwaszenia – lekcja dziecięcego posłuszeństwa, które przyprowadza nas do uświadomienia sprzeczności między naszym grzechem i świętością domu Bożego,do którego wprowadzeni jesteśmy przez Mesjasza Izraela.Zbadajmy więc: na ile my wyrośliśmy – usuńmy zakwas podstępu, obłudy i wady z serc naszych i powitajmy Pesach bez zakwasu, gdyż nie daremnie umarł za nas Syn Boży Jeszua!
(Nauczanie dla nieposłusznych od apostoła Jana  ( 1J,1-8,9,10): „ Jeśli mówimy, że nie mamy grzechu, to samych siebie oszukujemy i nie ma w nas prawdy. Jeżeli wyznajemy nasze grzechy, [Bóg] jako wierny i sprawiedliwy odpuści je nam i oczyści nas z wszelkiej nieprawości. Jeśli mówimy, że nie zgrzeszyliśmy, czynimy Go kłamcą i nie ma w nas Jego nauki.”)
Post i modlitwa pokuty – to przygotowanie do święta Przaśników , które od razu następuje za świętem Pesach i trwa 7 dni. Długotrwałość tego święta uczy nas uświęcając się osiągać wyższy stopień uświęcenia: „...a święty niechaj się jeszcze uświęci!” (Obj. 22- 11)
Swięto Pesach daje nam wielką nadzieję zyskania wskrzeszenia w sławę Ojca przez wspólne ukrzyżowanie z Barankiem Bożym Jeszua. W porównaniu z drugimi świętami ustawionymi Panem – te święto same krótkie: ono trwa tylko kilka godzin 14 Nisana – od trzeciej godziny do dziewiątej według chronologii biblijnej. Do tego czasu – przygotowanie do Pesach, a później zbieranie owoców utwierdzenia prawdy na ziemi.
Dlatego, przyjaciele, godne przygotowanie do święta Pesach – to stan naszego wspólnego ukrzyżowania w Mesjaszu Izraela, świadectwo naszego uczenia się u Niego : wydać prawdziwy sąd swemu życiu cieleśnie.
Trudząc się modlitewnie będziemy się radować i dziękować Bogu za to , że On nam dał święto Pesach,  zrodził nadzieję w nas na Wszechmoc Boga w naszym życiu, i utwierdził nas w wierze, że Posłaniec Boga posłany nie daremnie! Będziemy cieszyć się zbawieniu , danemu nam w Mesjaszu Jeszua!
Powodzenia w trudzie odnowienia życia i godnego przywitania święta Pesach!
Pokój Izraelowi!

Шалом, возлюбленные!

Перед нами неделя духовного труда подготовки к достойной встрече праздника Песах - возрадуемся!

Очищение домов от закваски - урок детского послушания, которое приводит нас к осознанию несовместимости нашего греха и святости дома Божьего, в который нас ввёл Мессия Израиля. Испытаем же: насколько мы повзрослели - удалим закваску лукавства и порока из наших сердец и встретим Песах бесквасными, ведь не напрасно умер за нас Сын Божий Йешуа!

(Наставление для непослушных от апостола Иоанна (1-е послание, 1 - 8,9,10): "Если говорим, что не имеем греха, — обманываем самих себя, и истины нет в нас. Если исповедуем грехи наши, то Он, будучи верен и праведен, простит нам грехи наши и очистит нас от всякой неправды. Если говорим, что мы не согрешили, то представляем Его лживым, и слова Его нет в нас. "

Однако посты и молитвы покаяния - это подготовка к празднику Опресноков, который следует сразу за праздником Песах и длится 7 дней. Продолжительность этого праздника учит нас освящаясь достигать высшей степени освящённости: "... святый да освящается еще." (Откр. 22-11)

Праздник Песах даёт нам великую надежду обретения воскресения в славу Отца через сораспятие с Агнцем Божьим Йешуа. В сравнении с другими праздниками, установленными Господом, этот праздник самый короткий: он длится всего несколько часов 14 Нисана - от третьего часа до девятого по библейской хронологии. До этого - подготовка к Песах, а после - пожинание плодов утверждения истины на земле.

Потому, друзья, достойная подготовка к празднику Песах - это состояние сораспятия Мессии Израиля, свидетельство нашего ученичества у Него: воздать истинный суд своей жизни по плоти.

Совершая духовный труд молитвы будем радоваться и благодарить Бога за то, что Он дал нам праздник Песах, вселяющий в нас надежду на всемогущество Бога в нашей жизни и утверждающий нас в вере, что Посланный от Бога послан не напрасно! Будем радоваться спасению, дарованному нам в Мессии Йешуа!

Успеха в труде обновления жизни и достойной встречи праздника Песах!

Мир на Израиля!
МС "Шаббат Шалом!"


Maaliskuun 6.-8. päivä, Purimina, Vammalassa pidettiin kolmipäiväinen kansainvälinen messiaaninen konferenssi, juhlan järjestivät Vammalan helluntaiseurakunta ja CPM-Finland Via Baltica Ministry ry (CPM-Finland) jo kuudetta kertaa peräkkäin. Vammalaan saapui vieraita Latviasta, Valkovenäjältä, Venäjältä ja Englannista. Iloksemme saimme huomata, että suomalaisia vieraita tuli juhlille runsaasti koko eteläisen Suomen alueelta. Saimme kuulla hyvää opetusta, monipuolista messiaanista musiikkitarjontaa ja mikä tärkeintä ; juhlien alusta sapatti-illalliselta aina  päätöskonserttiin asti koimme kaikki Herran olevan läsnä Pyhän Henkensä kautta. Olemme kiitollisia Yeshualle kaikesta tästä, mitä hän oli näihin tilaisuuksiin kätkenyt koettavaksemme Vammalassa.
Toivo & Malla

Toivo Maki, Excutive Director
Via Baltica Ministry  CPM-Finland ry
39610 Ikaalinen  - FINLAND

Хаг Пурим Самеах!

Сегодня, во второй день праздника Пурим, уместно напоминание о том, что пятница в нашем служении является днём молитвы о спасении всего Израиля. В этой молитве пусть руководит нашим сердцем слово апостола Павла: "Братья! желание моего сердца и молитва к Богу об Израиле во спасение." (Рмл. 10, 1)

Пост и молитва Эстер приблизили к ней золотой скипетр царя для утверждения откровения её сердца - любовь к своему народу. Так и наше очищение и освящение приближают день нашей радости - спасение всего Израиля, торжество правды Божьей на земле и утверждение на ней жизни. Помыслим о величии той славы, которая откроется во спасении всего Израиля...

Апостол Павел пишет о богатстве славы Божьей в Его милосердии к язычникам: "Что же, если Бог, желая показать гнев и явить могущество Своё, с великим долготерпением щадил сосуды гнева, готовые к погибели, дабы вместе явить богатство славы Своей над сосудами милосердия, которые Он приготовил к славе, над нами, которых Он призвал не только из Иудеев, но и из язычников? Как и у Осии говорит: не Мой народ назову Моим народом, и не возлюбленную - возлюбленною. И на том месте, где сказано им: вы не Мой народ, там названы будут сынами Бога живого." (Рмл. 9, 22-26). Так что же, сделано ли это по нелюбви к Израилю? или по предпочтению ему язычников? Нет, это сделано не против Израиля и не для язычников, но ради откровения богатства обетованной славы Божьей, которую Он приготовил для любящих Его.

Итак, не отверг Бог Своего народа первого Завета, о чём и пишет Павел, указывая на себя как представителя остатка Израиля, помилованного Богом и отмечает, что преткнулся Израиль не навсегда: "Итак спрашиваю: неужели они преткнулись, чтобы совсем пасть? Никак. Но от их падения спасение язычникам, чтобы возбудить в них ревность. Если же падение их - богатство миру, и оскудение их - богатство язычникам, то тем более полнота их." (Рмл. 11, 11-12). В чём же заключается проявление большей степени богатства миру и язычникам, которую должна принести полнота Израиля в Теле Мессии? Богатство мира  - это Церковь Божья на земле, а дарованное Богом вечное спасение - это подлинное богатство язычникам. И если теперь благая весть о спасении распространена среди всех народов мира, но не все  народы в полноте своей уверовали, то возвращение всего Израиля в новый Завет с Богом, доставит недостающее и вся земля обретёт спасение Божье и познание Бога наполнит землю, как воды наполняют моря.

Церковь уже обогатилась оскудением Израиля, но апостол язычников указывает Церкви на обретение ею полноты обещанного Богом богатства, заключённом в обращения всего Израиля к своему Богу: "Ибо если отвержение их - примирение мира, то что принятие, как не жизнь из мёртвых?" (Рмл. 11, 15). Так согласно слов апостола Павла: полнота Израиля в Боге - это обретение жизни всего мира, это обращение к Богу всех народов, это всеобщее покаяние пред величием Божьей любви к человеку. Посему, исполнение великого поручения Учителя "Идите и научите все народы!" осуществляется посредством всемирной евангелизации народов для познания и обретения ими вечной любви Бога к Израилю. Полнота обращения Израиля к Богу - это свидетельство исполнения воли Бога о спасении всего человечества.

Наша молитва о спасении всего Израиля это:

- ходатайство пред Отцом об очищении и освящении Церкви для того, чтобы мир имел больше света, ибо сказано: "Вы свет мира";

- прошение Господу неба и земли Йешуа об удалении враждебности Его народа первого Завета к Евангелию, которое установлено Им для осуществления призыва к язычникам войти в Царство Божие;

- приношение Господу твёрдой веры в то, что Своей властью Он устранит враждебность Израиля благовестию, а силой Своей вечной любви исцелит сердца Своего народа и утвердит полноту Храма Тела Своего на земле;

- ходатайство о хранении в чистоте сердца слова Божьего о спасении всего Израиля с тем, чтобы оно принесло обильный плод в нашей жизни и спасение всей земле.

Слава, честь и мир всякому верному сердцу, утверждающему Царство Бога на земле!

Мир на Израиля!

Брат Валерий,

руководитель служения "Шаббат Шалом!"

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